For the first time, US Sanctioned Head of China’s Infamous 610 Office. What has he done?

On May 12, the State Department announced a sanction against Yu Hui. Yu Hui is the first director of the 610 office for the U.S. to sanction publicly. [Editor’s Note: The 610 office, named after the date of its creation on June 10, 1999—is an extralegal police task force responsible for carrying out the mission of eliminating Falun Gong.] This is also the first time, since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started suppressing Falun Gong in 1999, that the U.S. government has named and sanctioned a CCP official because of the Falun Gong issue.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said at a press briefing, “We will continue to consider all appropriate tools to promote accountability for those responsible for human rights violations and abuses in China and elsewhere.” He then announced the release of the department’s annual report on international religious freedom, which cited arbitrary arrests, house raids, societal discrimination, and the forced harvesting of organs from live Falun Gong practitioners. Blinken said the designation was applied to Yu for his involvement in “gross violations of human rights, namely the arbitrary detention of Falun Gong practitioners for their spiritual beliefs.”

Yu Hui was the director of the Chengdu Anti-Evil Office (the “610” office dedicated to promoting the persecution of Falun Gong, renamed “Anti-Evil Office” by the CCP to deceive the public) from August 2016 to July 2017, after serving as deputy secretary of the CCP Wenjiang District Committee in May 2013. Prior to that, Yu Hui served as deputy secretary of the CCP Wenjiang District Committee in May 2013, and then as deputy director, director, and deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Chengdu High-tech Zone Management Committee in July 2017.

From August 2016 to July 2017, Yu Hui served as the director of the Chengdu “610” Office for one year, during which 479 Falun Gong practitioners were harassed, 479 were raided, 117 were kidnapped, 42 were illegally arrested, illegally prosecuted, and illegally tried, 27 were unjustly sentenced, and three were persecuted to death, among which Yu Hui Yu Hui was mainly responsible for the death of Falun Gong practitioner Chen Guangzhong. reported on March 8, 2012 that Falun Gong practitioners in 38 countries submitted a list of “610” practitioners from mainland China to their governments. They demanded that human rights abusers and their families be banned from entering the country and even have their assets frozen in accordance with the law. The list includes an incomplete collection of 9,300 people from all levels of the “610” offices across the country, and Yu Hui is on the list sent to the U.S. government.

The following cases of persecution are some of the persecutions that occurred while Yu Hui was director of the 610 in Chengdu.

Falun Gong practitioner Chen Guangzhong was persecuted to death, and his wife and sister were sentenced to seven years in vain.

Chen Guangzhong, a Falun Gong practitioner in Shuangliu Huayang, Chengdu, was framed by 610 officials and was forcibly taken from his home by the police on February 9, 2017, and was illegally sentenced to three years in prison.

On May 27, 2015, Chen Guangzhong’s wife Wei Zaihui and sister Wei Zaixiu were kidnapped and illegally imprisoned for 20 months, and framed by the public prosecutors and law enforcement officials under the control of 610. Wei Zaihui, Wei Zaixiu, and Chen Guangzhong appealed their sentences, but in April, they were unlawfully imprisoned. Wei Zaihui and Wei Zaixiu were abducted to Chengdu Longquanyi District Women’s Prison, and Chen Guangzhong was abducted to Leshan Jiazhou Prison.

After Wei Zaihui and Wei Zaixiu were abducted by the Chinese Communist Party, Ms. Wei Zaiqun, who has lived in Denmark for more than ten years, as a sister, appealed to the Danish government to pay attention to and rescue Wei Zaihui and Wei Zaixiu. In 2016, the Danish government brought the persecution of Wei Zaiqun’s family to the attention of the European Union during its dialogue with China on human rights issues. However, the Chinese Communist authorities not only ignored the concerns of the international community, but also heavily sentenced the sisters Wei Zaihui and Wei Zaixiu and wrongfully sentenced Chen Guangzhong to three years, who was persecuted to death.

Chen Guangzhong’s family rarely received news of their loved ones in prison, but the family was suddenly told that Chen Guangzhong was critically ill at Jiazhou Prison in Leshan City, and the doctor said his pupils were dilated and notified his family to visit him. The honest Chen Guangzhong’s brother and a neighbor went to the prison hospital, but were not allowed to bring anything into the ward, not even a piece of paper, and not allowed to take pictures. Chen Guangzhong’s brother saw his brother lying in bed. He saw his brother’s head shaved, pale, without a trace of body, only a piece of cloth covering the body, unconscious. The brother called his brother’s name and did not respond, so he asked the police officers on guard, “How can a good person look like this? Why is his head shaved?” The police replied that he had a brain hemorrhage and could not be operated on. If you can’t operate, why shave your head?

Chen Guangzhong’s head was shaved and his face was pale. People with medical knowledge know that the human body begins to stiffen four hours after death, the whole body becomes earth-colored, whether the death of disease or death by torture, cruel torture, the deceased’s face is earth-colored, it is impossible to be pale. Unless the brain dies first, the face is pale. As we all know, Wang Lijun invented the instant killing machine “primary brainstem injury impact machine”, “can make the human body without bloodshed, no external damage” so as to leave no trace of death.

Wu Chunlan of Jintang County was Persecuted to the Point of Paraplegia, Sentenced to Eight Years in Vain, and Her Husband Passed Away

Wu Chunlan, a 53-year-old female Falun Gong practitioner from Jintang County, Chengdu, was kidnapped and illegally raided by more than 20 special police officers at gunpoint on September 9, 2016 at the behest of the Chengdu 610. During Wu Chunlan’s illegal detention, the police arraigned Wu Chunlan twenty-one times and sent her to Chengdu City Hospital for emergency treatment around December 21, just three months later, Wu Chunlan, who was originally healthy, was persecuted to the point of paralysis. On January 2, 2017 (or the first day), Wu Chunlan, who had lost consciousness, returned home on bail pending trial.

Wu Chunlan’s husband was seriously ill and was hospitalized in Jintang County Hospital. After Wu Chunlan was kidnapped, Wu Chunlan’s husband suffered a serious mental shock and passed away on December 16. Wu Chunlan’s son, wearing mourning, went to the detention center to ask for his mother’s release to meet with his deceased father, but the police refused.

In the morning of July 26, 2018, the 610 in Chengdu, together with Yin Shunyao, the former head of the Xinjin brainwashing class, kidnapped more than 20 Falun Gong practitioners in Jintang County, and continued to frame Wu Chunlan and other Falun Gong practitioners by manipulating public prosecutors and law enforcement officials. On the morning of July 26, 2018, the court in Jintang County, Chengdu City, held an illegal trial against four female Falun Gong practitioners, Wu Chunlan, Guo Qingcheng, Jiang Yilin, and Tang Xiaoyan (also known as Tang Yan), and falsely sentenced Wu Chunlan to eight years and an extortionate fine of $10,000, while Guo Qingcheng and Jiang Yilin, two elderly women, were each sentenced to seven years and an extortionate fine of about $7,000, and all three were executed outside of prison. Tang Xiaoyan was illegally sentenced to seven years with an extortionate fine of about 7,000.

Several Elderly People Harassed, Intimidated, and Beaten by Police and Community Members

Zhang Xiuchen, a Falun Gong practitioner in Tang Yuan Town, Pidu District, Chengdu, was followed and kidnapped by people from the general government office and beaten up in the office on May 2, 2017, and then sent back to Tang Yuan Town Police Station. The police have been threatening her not to expose his evil deeds.

On April 17, 2017, a group of four police officers from Dabang Police Station and Dabang community workers in Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu, harassed 76-year-old Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Yuzhi at her home and stole the Falun Gong Master’s statue. The police officer in question also called the chief of Dabeng Police Station because he saw Zhang Yuzhi unconscious.

On May 24, 2017, Sang Huaihu and Ye Chengjun, a police officer from Zhonghe Community in Jintang County, Chengdu, led a team to enter Falun Gong practitioner Li Zhongxiu’s house and robbed her of her Dafa books; on May 25, six or seven people from Zhonghe Community and police officers forced their way into Yuan Xiuhua’s house and robbed her of dozens of Dafa books and Master’s statue, causing the elderly Yuan’s mother-in-law to faint from anxiety.

Six Falun Gong practitioners, including Zhang Minghong, Li Xiaoping, and Xu Yong, were illegally sentenced to three to seven years in prison in Chengdu.

Ten Falun Gong practitioners in Wuhou District, Chengdu were kidnapped and illegally raided by the police on the afternoon of July 23, 2016, while studying the Fa at Li Xiaoping’s home. They were detained at Jinyang Police Station and Jinhua Police Station respectively. The police at Jinhua Police Station took turns arraigning each of these Falun Gong practitioners, putting them in iron cages, putting them in shackles and handcuffs, and punishing them by sitting on prison benches to extract confessions.

Li Xiaoping, Xuyong, Zhou Ziyu, Zhang Minghong, and Liu Shuling were illegally detained in the Pixian Detention Center and framed by 610-controlled public prosecutors and law enforcement officials. On May 24, 2018, the Wuhou District Court in Chengdu City held an illegal trial of six Falun Gong practitioners, including Zhang Minghong, Li Xiaoping, and Xu Yong, and illegally sentenced Zhang Minghong to seven years in prison and a fine of 10,000 yuan; three Falun Gong practitioners, Li Xiaoping, Xu Yong, and Liu, to three years and six months in prison each and a fine of 5,000 yuan each; and two Falun Gong practitioners, Zhou Ziyu and Lu Youqiong, to three years in prison each and a fine of 5,000 yuan each. The trial began at 10:30 a.m. The presiding judge did not allow Falun Gong practitioners to defend themselves or their family members to speak, but only followed their procedures, and took a break in the middle of the trial.

Kidnapping and Framing of Falun Gong Practitioners Tang Yunxia, Zhong Fangqiong, and Xiong Suying

On October 26, 2016, Chengdu Falun Gong practitioners Tang Yunxia, Zhong Fangqiong, and Xiong Zhuying were kidnapped and raided by police officers from the Taoxing Road Police Station at Tang Yunxia’s rented residence. According to the police officers, thousands of personal belongings were seized from Tang Yunxia’s home, and the cat’s eye of the door of her rented apartment was removed and the house was sealed. After that, the three were illegally detained in Chengdu PI County Detention Center.

On November 26, 2016, three Falun Gong practitioners were framed and sent to the Chenghua District Prosecutor’s Office. It is understood that the 610 manipulated the police of the Chenghua Public Security Bureau to treat Zhong Fangqiong as a “major political prisoner” and, during the illegal trial of the three Falun Gong practitioners, threatened Zhong Fangqiong with “a sentence of seven years last time and eight years this time.” He also swindled Tang Yunxia, saying that the other two would be released if Tang Yunxia “took responsibility” for the crime.

On June 6, 2018, Falun Gong practitioners Tang Yunxia, Zhong Fangqiong, and Xiong Suying were illegally sentenced by the Chenghua District Court to five years, four years, and three years, respectively, and fined $5,000 each.

Falun Gong Practitioner Bai Guiyin Falsely Sentenced to Three Years and Six Months in Pengzhou City, Chengdu

Falun Gong practitioner Bai Guiyin was kidnapped by the police on January 4, 2014, and illegally detained in Pengzhou City, and then illegally sentenced to three years and six months on November 10, 2016. Inside and outside the courtroom, in addition to the lawyers, there were police officers, plainclothes officers, and “610” officers, as well as police officers and police cars patrolling the area around the courtroom. Several police officers patrolled around the courthouse on motorcycles, and some of them and the city’s “610” officers took pictures of people approaching the courthouse with their cameras and conducted questioning and illegal searches.

Bai Guiyin’s family hired a lawyer to plead not guilty in court. The lawyer’s strong not guilty plea, the Pengzhou Public Security Bureau, the Procuratorate framed Bai Guiyin’s so-called “incriminating evidence” all overturned, the presiding judge and the judge also have nothing to say. In the courtroom statement, Bai Guiyin said: I do everything to teach people to be good and good people, fundamentally are to save people. I just adhere to my faith, according to the standard of true goodness and tolerance to do things, did not violate any laws of the country, should be acquitted.

However, under the manipulation and coercion of the 610, the Pengzhou City Court ignored the basic facts and the lawyer’s defense of innocence, and continued to trample on the Constitution and the law with a clear conscience, illegally sentencing Falun Gong practitioner Bai Guiyin to three years and six months.

Abduction and Framing of Female Teacher Jiang Li

Jiang Li, a foreign language teacher at Chengdu College of the University of Electronic Science and Technology, was kidnapped and illegally raided by police officers from the Chengdu High-Tech West Police Station, where the school is located, on November 11, 2016, for telling her students the truth about Falun Gong. On November 26, Jiang Li was transferred to illegal criminal detention and illegally held at the Chengdu Detention Center, and on December 9, she was illegally arrested by the Gaoxin District Branch Office.

Ms. Jiang Li has been illegally detained for over a year, and although the Procuratorate has repeatedly withdrawn from investigation, the case unit has refused to release her under the control of 610. On June 29, 2018, Jiang Li was illegally tried by the Chengdu High-Tech District Court and was illegally sentenced to three years in prison and illegally detained in Chengdu Women’s Prison to continue the persecution.

Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioner Ding Hui Resulted in Her Mental Disorder

Falun Gong practitioner Ding Hui (Ding Hui), a 50-year-old woman, was abducted by the local Chengdong Police Station and the District National Security Police at around 8:00 p.m. on December 21, 2015, in Xindu District, Chengdu, along with Falun Gong practitioner Zheng Bin. Ding Hui and Zheng Bin were beaten by the police and illegally detained in the Xindu District Detention Center. Ding Hui was also severely beaten by the police in the detention center, and the police instructed people in the prison to beat her. Ding Hui was shackled and handcuffed to a death bed, and was given poisonous injections by police officers at the detention center, one of which took three days to sleep.

Before October 2016, all the women in the Xindu Detention Center were transferred to the Chengdu City Detention Center. Ding Hui was already in a state of complete mental disorder and had difficulty taking care of herself. The inmates often berated her en masse and made her lie on the floor behind the toilet. At one point, she was even put in a torture device. A Falun Gong practitioner once asked an inmate who was on day duty at the detention center, “Why did she become like this? Just dragged out and fed and that’s it?” The prisoner said, “It’s too easy, she was drugged! Look at that old lady who petitioned, she is not from Falun Gong. The prison guards insisted that she was depressed and had to take a few pills every day, and she became demented in a few weeks.

Even so, Ding Hui was still framed by the 610 public prosecutors and law enforcement officials. On November 24, 2016, the Xindu District Court held a so-called “trial” of Falun Gong practitioners Ding Hui, Zheng Bin, and Lin Xiaoquan. In response to prosecutor Zhang Ying’s lawsuit, the lawyers pleaded not guilty for Ding Hui and Zheng Bin, but the presiding judge Fu Hua pronounced a sentence against the law: Ding Hui was illegally sentenced to three years in prison; Zheng Bin was illegally sentenced to three years and two months in prison.

Ding Hui was transferred to the women’s prison in Chengdu Longquan, and after being violently converted and persecuted in Ward 4, she could not walk normally and was forced to take psychotropic drugs for a long time, which made her mentally ill. In the workshop labor, Ding Hui was bagged to control minor and major beatings and scoldings, and it was common to be teased by other prisoners. The prison guards slandered and defamed Falun Gong at prison meetings and conferences, saying that she had become mentally ill, in order to discredit and discredit Dafa.

False Accusations and Slander, Forced Brainwashing, and Other Persecution

On the morning of February 17, 2017, Zhang Ling, the secretary of the Jiang Hua Community Evil Party in Chengdu, placed more than ten panels slandering Falun Gong in front of the Jiang Hua Community Council, and there were evil slogans and signs all over the road. Seven or eight so-called leaders of the city “610” came to visit and take pictures, and Zhang Ling was very attentive.

April 11, 2017, the CCP Central Committee “610 Office” in Chengdu held a “national prevention and treatment of cult system grassroots anti-cult propaganda and education experience exchange meeting” (referred to as the national “4-11 Conference”). The main content of the conference was to emphasize the importance of the so-called “anti-cult” propaganda and to promote various so-called “anti-cult” propaganda experiences and methods. In the name of “anti-cult” propaganda, it reinforces anti-Falun Gong propaganda and cooperates with the CCP’s crackdown on Falun Gong.

From May to June 2017, police officers and community members in Shuangliu District, Chengdu, continued to harass Falun Gong practitioners. In particular, in May, police officers from Shuangliu community and police stations came to the Dongsheng Shuanggui neighborhood with a list of more than 20 Falun Gong practitioners, asking them one by one if they were still practicing Falun Gong and harassing them. On June 13, Zhang Siqi and Song Ping, village cadres of Huangshui Hongliu Village in Shuangliu District, Chengdu, led a group of ten police officers, including Fan Qiang and Gong Jintao, to the home of Falun Gong practitioner Wang Qiongyu, and forced the thin Wang Qiongyu into a police car with both arms held back and her head held down. Wang Qiongyu’s husband, who had just undergone surgery, tried to drag his wife out of the police car, but was pushed to the ground by the police and suffered great physical and psychological harm. Neighbors said: she is disabled, you still treat her like this, let her go! Only then did the two police officers stop, and the police officers forcibly raided the house and took away Master’s Dharma statue and Dafa books.

Falun Gong practitioner Li Jing, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the Dujiangyan Political Consultative Conference, was illegally restrained by the Dujiangyan 610 and then abducted to the so-called “Chengdu Legal Education Center” (Xinjin Brainwashing Class) on November 7, 2017, where she was illegally detained and persecuted.

The so-called “Chengdu Legal Education Center” is a black prison jointly established by the “610” of Chengdu and the “610” of Sichuan Province, which is dedicated to the brainwashing and persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Under the guise of a “Legal Education Center,” it tramples on the law, undermines its implementation, and persecutes Falun Gong practitioners inhumanely. This black prison is located in Huaqiao Township, Xinjin County, south of Chengdu City, and is also known as the “Xinjin Brainwashing Class”. At least seven Falun Gong practitioners have died as a result of persecution, including Xie Deqing, Liu Shengle, Li Xiaowen, and Deng Shufen, who were poisoned to death.

The Xinjin brainwashing class is not only a place for illegal detention of Falun Gong believers, but also a place to collect money. According to people familiar with the situation, for every Falun Gong believer arrested, the brainwashing class reported to the higher organization that it would cost tens of thousands of yuan, and each victim plus two “accompanying teachers” would cost $6,000 to $7,000 per month. In addition to government funding, all expenses of the Xinjin brainwashing class, including the salaries and bonuses of the “accompanying teachers” and their occasional entertainment and drinking, are maintained by extorting and blackmailing the families, units, and household jurisdictions of Falun Gong believers.

Translated from: 成都市前“610”主任余辉犯下的罪恶

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