Major U.S. Media Companies’ Business Ties with China

The Epoch Times did a report on the business ties that mainstream media companies in the U. S. have with China. The report concluded that, over time, because of their business connections, their reporting shifted to being pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

CNN is not having any luck lately. Last November, there was a rumor that AT&T was ready to sell CNN. In the past several days, multiple media outlets reported that, by March 31, after 30 years in business, CNN will discontinue airing its programs at airport terminals throughout the U.S. It attributed the cause to reduced airport traffic because of the pandemic and the fact that more people are getting their news on their phones or from other online platforms.

In recent years, CNN’s image as a professional media outlet has been in question. Last December, Project Veritas exposed a recording taken during a CNN conference call in October 2020. In the conference call, Jeff Zucker, CNN’s President, urged his staff not to “normalize” Trump. He also told the editorial board not to do follow up reports on Biden family scandals.

Even though CNN attributed shutting down airport broadcast services last year to COVID 19, it loudly applauded the CCP’s pandemic lockdown approach while at the same time also ignoring how the CCP covered up the origin of the virus. The CNN host also praised China for sending Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to foreign countries when those countries, especially in Europe, found there were quality issues with China supplied ventilators and face masks.

Chris Cuomo, CNN host and brother of the New York State Governor, commented that the origin of COVID 19 could be from anywhere. He also speculated that there were COVID 19 cases in the U.S. as far back as October 2019 during the flu season. Beijing was extremely pleased with Cuomo’s comments. All the official media outlets in China quoted Cuomo’s words to push the theory that it was the U.S. but not China that was covering up the outbreak of the virus.

Helen Raleigh, Asian American writer and senior contributor at The Federalist, said, “You often see representatives from American companies with financial ties to China naturally become defenders of the CCP’s policies while they also spread the CCP’s propaganda.” {2}

Among those American companies, many of them are mainstream media companies. Flora Chang, professor of the Graduate Institute of Journalism, National Taiwan University, has said: “These media outlets and advertisers may want to enter the Chinese market or worry that their market share in China will be threatened. As a result, they impose certain influence and censorship on freedom of speech, and eventually have formed a hidden red force worldwide.”

Driven by huge market and business interests in China, some American media outlets have chosen to bow to the CCP. CNN is owned and operated by Warner Media. It is known that Warner Bros., a subsidiary of Warner Media, has been kowtowing to the CCP. Inevitably, the temptation of the Chinese market has played a big role in its decision making. Let’s talk about the business ties that these major media have with the CCP.

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