Founder of another leading Chinese company dies suddenly

On the evening of June 6, China’s leading domestic semiconductor testing company Huafeng Measurement & Control announced that its founder and chairman, Mr. Sun Xian, died on June 5 at the age of 72 after a long illness.

In the announcement, Mr. Sun Xian was one of the actual controllers of the company, and was the chairman and legal representative of the company. Sun Xian founded Huafeng Measurement & Control in 1993 and led the company from a small company to a high-tech enterprise that provides nearly 1,000 sets of high-end test equipment to domestic and foreign semiconductor companies every year.

The announcement said that after Sun Xian’s death, the current number of directors of the company was reduced from 9 to 8, which is not lower than the minimum number of board of directors as stipulated in the company’s bylaw. The company’s board of directors will recommend candidates as soon as possible and convene a shareholders’ meeting for by-election.

As one of the earliest companies to enter the semiconductor test equipment industry, the company is currently the main test platform supplier in the field of simulation testing for the top three domestic semiconductor packaging and testing manufacturers, and has hundreds of IC design enterprise customer resources, and also maintains business relations with more than three hundred IC design enterprises.

The day before Sun Xian’s death, the Securities Times reported on June 6 that Huafeng Measurement & Control’s share price rose 38.5% since the second quarter, and the company’s share price performance was hot when it welcomed 210 institutions to focus on research.

As China’s largest local supplier of semiconductor testing machines, Huafeng has been in the spotlight since its listing, and its share price has been approaching historic highs.

As of the 4th closing data show that Huafeng Measurement & Control closed at 405.50 yuan, with a turnover of 150 million yuan and the latest market value of 24.869 billion yuan.

The sudden death of founder Sun Xian at the time of Huafeng Measurement and Control’s stock market surge sparked public concern.

Prior to this, a number of well-known corporate chairmen have passed away in China.

On May 25, Zhang Xinming, a well-known real estate developer in Jiangxi Province and chairman of Botai Group, died in hospital after being stabbed with a knife. He was 57 years old.

According to the official website of Jiangxi Real Estate Association, Zhang Xinming was the president of Jiangxi Real Estate Association and vice chairman of Jiangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce, and had been appointed as “Jiangxi Real Estate Industry Mentor” by Jiangxi Real Estate Association.

Founded in 1997, Botai Group is an enterprise group covering real estate, food, business hotel, urban entertainment, mining, property management and other fields, and is one of the most influential real estate development enterprises in Jiangxi.

On May 24, the official website of Botai Group has turned black and white, and the picture above shows that the chairman Zhang Xinming passed away.

On May 20, the obituary of Shell Finder was released, saying that Zuo Hui, the founder and chairman of Shell, died on May 20, 2021 at the age of 50 due to unexpected deterioration of illness.

According to public information, Zuo Hui founded Chain Home in 2001; founded in 2011; renamed Chain Home online and founded Chain Home in 2014; in April 2018, Chain Home launched Shell House; Shell listed on the New York Stock Exchange on August 13, 2020; in April 2021, Zuo Hui was ranked 128th on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people with a wealth of $15.5 billion.

During the two sessions of the Communist Party of China, Qiao Baoping, a central enterprise bigwig and former chairman and party secretary of the National Energy Group, was also reported to have died in a bizarre death on March 10. A memorial to Qiao Baoping, former chairman of the National Energy Group, was created on the same day on the mainland’s Paradise Memorial website. However, the news of Qiao Baoping’s death has not been confirmed by Chinese Communist Party officials.

Qiao Baoping, 66, was appointed chairman of NEC in 2017, stepped down as chairman and party secretary of NEC in March 2019, and has been an external director of CNNC since March 2020.

Translated from 中国又一龙头企业创始人突然去世