99% of Chinese people’s income truth with 780 million people in debt

In the mainland’s official media and self-media, there are many people showing off their wealth almost every day, as if everyone is living a good life, but an internet journalist “Social Voice” recently wrote an article revealing the truth about the income of the mainland Chinese, he said that the income data released by the government is averaged out. The truth lies in the median income.

The following is the article titled “460,000 enterprises closed, 780 million people in debt, 99% of Chinese people income truth, deceived countless people! “

In the circle of friends, every day you can see them drive luxury cars, live in luxury houses, travel around to eat a big meal dynamics, that life is a beautiful life, as if everyone is rich people. Is this really the real situation? Are all Chinese people so rich? Is our national situation really so optimistic? You may be surprised to know the truth.

According to the data collected from Tianyancha, 460,000 companies closed down in China in the first quarter of 2020, including those whose operating licenses were cancelled and those who declared themselves out of business, and also 26,000 companies engaged in exports. Also according to a survey statistics, the number of indebted people in the country has reached 780 million, and the overdue rate is as high as 42%, which means that at least 300 million people in the country have overdue debts, and the number of declared dishonest law enforcement officers has reached 5.7 million, which is equivalent to one out of every 250 Chinese people is a laiwai, where the debts include mortgage, online loan, credit card overdraft, and flower borrowing.

In 2020, the participation rate of China’s working population will be 67.5%, which means 945 million people rely on part-time jobs or farming for food, and there is no doubt that a wave of unemployment is coming. But in contrast, a random person around us is talking about a business is millions, luxury cars are everywhere, as if everyone around us is the middle class, only I am poor. I do not know since when, the level of wages on the Internet gradually become a metaphysics. So how much do people around us really earn?

According to the average monthly salary report, the average monthly salary in North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are above 10,000 (RMB, the same below), and even the monthly salary in second-tier cities is not less than 6,000. but I don’t know if you have thought about it, behind such brilliant figures, is the result of the average, is affected by a small number of high-income earners, you and Ma Yun’s salary an average, you can beat 99.9% of the world’s people. But what can truly reflect the situation is not the average, but the median.

In 2020, the median wage in Shenzhen is 5,199 yuan, Shanghai is 6,378 yuan, and Beijing is 6,906 yuan. In other words, even in the first-tier cities, as long as your salary is more than 6,000, you can rub half of the people under your body. In addition, the median salary in other new first-tier cities is not over 5,000, which is the real data, those so-called many people earn more than 10,000 a month, but only the illusion of deceiving countless national people.

Putting the line of sight a little farther to see, leaving aside the first and second-tier cities, according to statistics, the first half of 2020 urban residents’ salary income of 13,232 yuan, that is to say, urban workers if the average monthly salary this year is 2,205 yuan, it can exceed 50% of the city people, including grassroots civil servants.

In addition, there are these figures below, which sound incredible, but are the truth.

First, in the national massage footbath industry, a conservative estimate of 11 million practitioners, their average monthly salary is 1500 yuan.

Second, five dollars a lipstick is the most popular on Poundland, with monthly sales of more than 100,000 pieces.

Third, China’s official unemployment rate this year is 6.2%, which means there are still 43.4 million people of working age without jobs, which is the background of the birth of this year’s stall economy.

So yeah, the reality is that those who really earn more than 10,000 a month are the smallest part of the top of the pyramid, they either have a degree from a prestigious school and occupy a few senior positions in the entire social ecology. For example, teachers, doctors, a foreign language high school in Henan, now recruiting teachers require a degree Peking University Tsinghua is the norm, provincial hospital doctors doctorate is the standard, the master’s degree is the bottom line. Either the most profitable industry in the strongest ability of that part of the people, such as NetEase game department developers, 360 security technicians, because the entire company relies on these few key figures blood transfusion.

But at the same time you will also find, where the monthly income of more than 10,000 of this part of the people, there is no weekend with the family, not to mention the night before 10 o’clock off work, every day to face the double pressure of baldness and mental breakdown. You work eight hours a day to get 4,000, people work 16 hours a day to get 10,000, it seems not excessive.

So, after reading these data, I want to share a few insights with you.

First of all, the world is a big place, do not indulge in social networking, a leaf blind. What’s more, don’t believe in the toxic chicken soup of those who spend all day on beach vacations.

Second, don’t be discouraged, you may be a lot better than you think, because there is no one road is simple or right or wrong. In the big city to choose to leave or stay, it takes courage.

Third, the employment situation this year and next year is really tough, so the impulse to let go of the self first to collect a collection, seize the time to enrich themselves. Because only to live, there is tomorrow!

Translated from 网文:99%中国人收入真相 7.8亿人负债

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