EndCCP Global Petition Reaches One Million Signatures

For more than a year, the Chinese Communist Party virus (CCP virus) has been ravaging the world and devastating people. However, at the same time, the “End CCP” campaign has been launched all over the world to help the world defeat the Chinese Communist Demon and the CCP virus.

In June of last year, when the plague of the CCP virus had just swept through the world, the “Global Quit CCP Service Center” launched the “Eliminate the Demon Chinese Communist Part” initiative. Part) and set up a website (EndCCP.com) in more than 40 languages to help the world understand the nature of the CCP and to end it and keep it away from the plague.

The EndCCP petition campaign has been spreading rapidly in many countries around the world, and after a year of efforts, it has exceeded 1 million signatures on June 5 (Beijing time).

The CCP plague began in Wuhan, China in late 2019 and early 2020, but the Chinese government lied, covered up, and concealed it, causing the epidemic to spread rapidly around the world, bringing profound disaster to the world. As of June 2021, 170 million people are infected worldwide, with 3.73 million deaths, and the virus continues to mutate.

The EndCCP initiative is right on target: “CCP Lied, People Died”, and the horrors of the Chinese Communist Party have spread around the world, affecting everyone.

In the plague, the world saw that the Chinese Communist Party was the main culprit of the pandemic, that the Chinese Communist Party was evil and rogue, and that “if the Chinese Communist Party does not fall, the world will not be at peace”. Every day, many people of different ethnicities signed the website and left messages in different languages. Volunteers spread the EndCCP message through various means, and volunteers in New York organized weekly EndCCP car rally to collect signatures in communities, squares, parks, beaches, attractions, and shopping centers.

The signs on the cars were written in English and Chinese: “Reject the CCP and stay away from the plague”, “Dismantle the CCP and save America”, “The CCP is the most evil virus scouring the world”, “Unite to resist the communist devil”, etc. Everywhere they went, they were like a great wall of flowing, weaving truths, shocking and awakening people, gaining wide public support and praise.

Volunteer Su Zhongli said that many drivers honked their horns when they saw the massive EndCCP car rally, or gave their thumbs up to show their support, or took pictures and videos of the cars; many people did not hesitate to sign when they saw the words “CCP lied, the people die”; some even took the signature boards and handed them to their friends and relatives to help promote the campaign; many people were happy to take pictures of the EndCCP flyers after they signed.

Volunteer Wang Lirong said, May 8 in Flushing Avenue subway entrance, a police officer on duty saw volunteers collecting signatures, not only took the initiative to ask for signatures, but also asked his colleagues to sign together. After signing, he happily took pictures, “he walked to the police car, took out the hat to wear, the whole costume some, solemnly with our two volunteers, and thumbs up when taking pictures. “

On June 1, a Jamaican, Moses Shehan, who lives near JFK Airport, came to the visa collection point in front of the library and got down on one knee to pay his respects to the volunteers. He said he was very supportive of the visa collection, knowing that the Communist Party slaughtered Chinese people and even harvested their organs alive, and that he hated the Communist Party, and he offered that he could help the volunteer collect the signatures, “I can take the petition home and have my family and friends sign it.”

Volunteer Yang Guirong said that people were very happy and joyful from the bottom of their hearts after signing, “Some put their arms around our shoulders and made sure to take pictures with us, some shook hands with us, some put their hands together to us, and some gave us water and drinks ……”

The 1 million signatures are signed one by one, some directly on the EndCCP website and some on the volunteer sign-up board. The reporter saw in the Global Retreat Service Center, part of the signatures collected by the volunteers, the top column after column densely signed with names, a variety of handwriting ……, a stack of signatures filled the cart, stacked high, and this is only a small part of the signature list.

The following messages were recently posted on the EndCCP.com website by people from different countries, in their own languages.

“liberty is a natural human right and it must be restored in china”

“this communist party needs to be stopped”

“take down CCP”

“Put an end to the communist traitors, and return the universal and divine land”

“As long as the Communist Party is not eliminated, the people of China will not have peace!”

With widespread support from the global public, the number of EndCCP co-signers has snowballed and accelerated. In November, another 100,000 signatures were added within a month, bringing the number of signatories to 200,000; after another two months, by mid-January this year, the number of signatories exceeded 500,000; after another three months, by early May this year, the number increased by more than 300,000, reaching 850,000; and then, within a month in May, another 150,000 signatures were added. By June 5th, Beijing time, the number of signatures exceeded 1 million.

Rejecting the CCP can keep the plague away

Yi Rong, president of the Global Quit CCP Service Center, said on June 5 that the Chinese Communist Party has been plaguing the Chinese people and the Chinese nation throughout history, and now the world can see that it is also plaguing all of humanity. Because of the Chinese Communist Party’s concealment, it delayed the precious time for global epidemic prevention and brought unprecedented crisis to the world, and now the whole world is blaming the Chinese Communist Party.

Yi Rong said, “Reject the CCP and stay away from the plague” is not an empty slogan, but a real testimony. It is the most poisonous virus. If a person follows the evil spirit, how can he or she have a good future? Therefore, you should reject it, defeat it from the inside, and reject it, so that it cannot control you and violate you, and you yourself will be isolated from the evil spirits and viruses, which is equivalent to having immunity. There are many examples in this regard, “If you are unfortunate enough to be infected with the CCP virus, please try shouting: Take down the CCP demons! This will help you recover.”

“We are not a political movement, we are a spiritual awakening movement, on a spiritual level. I hope more people will join in the campaign to join EndCCP, so that everyone will recognize the evil of the CCP in their consciousness, thus giving it no room to exist, and this is the process of peacefully dismantling the CCP, and when everyone rejects it and denies it ideologically, that is the process of the CCP’s demise.”

Yi Rong said, 1 million is a milestone, but 1 million is still a small number compared to more than 7 billion people worldwide; I hope more people will participate, and I hope those who sign will also help spread the word, awakening more good people from the danger and speeding up the process of EndCCP, and the next goal is 10 million signatures, which I hope will be achieved soon!

Translated from “打倒中共恶魔”全球连署EndCCP破百万

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