Alleged Tesla brake failure incident in China has a dramatic turn of events: leaked audio recording shows it was staged by owner

“Tesla China” has a series of owners of Tesla’s “brake failure” incident, raising safety issues. The incident has been reversed recently, and a recording of a conversation between Mr. Wen of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, the owner of the Model X, who had accused the brakes of failing, and others has been circulated on the Internet, claiming that there is no major problem with his vehicle at all, and that he only wants to use public pressure to make Tesla to compensate him.

In May, Mr. Wen, who lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, was driving his 2017 Model X on the highway when his right front wheel gave an alarm and suddenly slowed down, making Mr. Wen so upset that he followed the “trend” of accusing Tesla of brake failure and demanding that Tesla pay him for a brand new Model X.

On June 6, local time, a netizen named “Tesla_bot” exposed a recording on Weibo. The recording was allegedly made in two sessions on May 8 and May 31, and the person who spoke in the recording was the male owner of the Tesla car who accused the car of “strange speed reduction” that almost killed him not long ago.

The recording is said to be a conversation between Mr. Wen and the media. Mr. Wen said in the recording to several points, the main points are: one, his car may only be the coil aging brake failure, replace the part can solve the problem; two, he wanted to take advantage of the heat of public opinion to make things bigger; three, the Shanghai Auto Show Tesla protest is staged by Henan TV; four, Tesla is from the United States; who dares to challenge him will be regarded as a traitor.

From the exposure of the recording, the incident seems stage by Mr. Wen himself to gain more attention, hoping that Tesla can compensate him 3 times the damage. It is unknown whom he is talking to in the recording.

Mr. Wen released a video response on the evening of the 6th, denouncing the recording as a malicious cut, “under the banner of discussing with me, secretly recording ……” he did not say what facts the recording fabricated and whether he asked for triple compensation. He also said he hoped the exposer would release the full content of the recording.

After the recording was exposed online, it quickly attracted a large number of netizens to watch and repost it, and became a hot topic of discussion in the online community.

Many netizens believe that Mr. Wen has indirectly admitted that he said the words in the recording.

Some netizens posted: “Mr. Wen this audio, this play, really shameful, and still the police station, radio and television station played along, deliberately set Tesla up. The higher authorities turned a blind eye to it …… you the government collaborated with Tesla to build factories. When Tesla is doing great, you want to set them up, not straightforwardly, but in such a low manner.”

It is worth noting that after the above recording was exposed, Henan TV cleared its official microblog, and netizens questioned its “destruction of evidence”.

Since the end of March this year, the mainland has been attacking Tesla, and the caliber is the same, no matter what accident happens, everything is blamed on “brake failure”.

According to public information, on May 25 this year, Wen, the owner of a Tesla in Henan Province, took the media to the 4S store to complain about the brake failure of the Tesla electric car. He complained to the media, “I spent 1.5 million (RMB) to buy a Tesla, and I bought a killing toy, or a suicide toy.”

According to Wen’s account, the Tesla modelx electric car he bought suddenly and strangely slowed down while driving on the highway from Fuyang to Zhengzhou, with the speed dropping from more than 100 mph directly to 60 mph and an automatic alarm, scaring him badly. He believes that this is the accident caused by brake failure.

Tesla’s branch in China responded publicly to the incident on May 28, saying that the car purchased by Wen had travelled 175,000 kilometers, which was beyond the warranty period. The sudden deceleration during driving may be caused by dirty wheel sensors or other faults, the specific cause of which will be known only after further inspection of the vehicle.

Translated from: 指控Tesla刹车失灵事件逆转?车主录音曝光

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