Top Chinese official who’s rumored to have DEFECTED to US with info on Wuhan lab, Dong Jingwei, reportedly presided over an anti-spy seminar in Beijing

China’s Vice Minister of State Security Dong Jingwei (董经纬)today hosted an anti-spy seminar. The meeting suggested that overseas spy intelligence agencies and various hostile forces are “significantly increasing their infiltration and theft activities” in China, and that the “anti-spy work” should be carried out in depth.

Overseas Chinese pro-democracy activists recently tweeted that Dong Jingwei defected in mid-February and flew to the United States from Hong Kong with his daughter Dong Yang. But the Beijing Daily WeChat account reported that Dong Jingwei hosted a seminar on the morning of the 18th to learn to implement the “anti-spy security and prevention work regulations” that came into effect on April 26. However, no photos provided.

According to the report, the seminar pointed out that to do a good job of anti-spy work, “not only to catch spies, but also to catch the ‘traitor’ and ‘behind the scenes gold master’.

The seminar declared that, at present, foreign spy intelligence agencies and various hostile forces to China infiltration and theft activities have significantly intensified. In particular, individual officers are willing to act as “traitors” and collude secretly with foreign spy intelligence agencies and hostile forces to engage in anti-China activities; individual officers are acting as “money masters” and transfer funds to hostile forces through illegal channels to support anti-China activities.

Who is Dong Jingwei?

The Daily Beast is reporting yesterday that top level U.S. officials are rumored to have helped a man named Dong Jingwei defect from China in February. Dong (the family name is often first in China) is believed to have held a top office in the “Ministry of State Security”, where he would have had access to information about the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Dong Jingwei was a top official in China’s Guoanbu, which is something like the CIA/NSA in the U.S. The organization is responsible for intelligence, as well as running the secret police and handling counterintelligence. It has been implicated in hacks on Moderna, as well as China’s activities in the Middle East and South Asia.

According to The Daily Beast, Dong may have had information on what happened in Wuhan, including activities that occurred at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which some believe is connected to the origin of COVID-19. The Daily Beast refers to another news outlet that claims Dong provided information to the U.S. regarding China’s biological warfare programs. It further suggests that learning about those programs may be what changed the Biden administration’s tune about the origin of COVID-19.

Dong is reported to have run the Guoanbu in Hebei, China, and would therefore have had access to very high-level information. The reporting suggests that at least one of his family members traveled to the U.S. with Dong from Hong Kong to the U.S.

The U.S. and China, however, have not corroborated this rumor, and some are skeptical about it. False reports of defectors do appear from time to time.

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